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About Us

About Us

Video Credit: Sergey Korovayny

What's special about Faith Hope Community Center? 


Our co-founders and recreational directors, Bobby Harrison and Ed Beauford are both award-winning Golden Glove boxers and life-long Syracuse residents who care deeply about their community and the young people who live here.


As credible messengers who've spent the majority of their lives on Syracuse's south side, their goal is to provide alternatives to violence by assisting young people in building relationships across neighborhood boundaries.

The center's purpose is to break down barriers and to build a ring around the four corners of our county by inviting young people from all locales, ethnicities, school districts and neighborhoods to participate in their programs. In dong so, they hope to contribute to constructive change in our city and in our county.


As Bob and Eddie frequently state: "It takes four corners to build a ring." The more diverse the membership, the greater its value to all!

Why join?
Faith Hope Community Center provides a safe place for young people to build relationships with positive role models and with one another; to receive free academic services such as tutoring and homework support; to interact with professional mentors toward developing critical life and work-skills; and to cultivate healthy alternatives to aggression through disciplined physical training, as well as through dialogue and conflict resolution training. 

What we offer?
Faith and Hope focuses on physical training and team work, as well as on the cultivation of lifestyle choices that support the healthy development of body, mind and heart. 

Age-appropriate recreational and athletic activities include basketball, boxing, weight lifting and conditioning. Our older members are able to receive assistance in resume-writing; job interview preparation; college application cover letters, etc. 

In addition to our physical programs and outdoor playground, we will soon to be offering an after-school program that includes homework assistance, as well as  weekly specials such as mindful meditation classes; therapy-dog training exhibitions; story-telling circles; creative writing and arts and crafts.

Follow our page to learn more about these and other upcoming exciting  additions to our program!

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